Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controller

PLCs and PLC-based PACs Control Systems
This guide includes both selection criteria and strategies to help in choosing the controllers and/or system that best meets your specific current and future needs.

You are undertaking one of the most important decisions to impact your business: choosing the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Process Automation Controller (PAC) control system supplier and technology to operate your plant for years to come.

If you are unsure about any of the key trends in the market or are in need of purchasing criteria, then you need the assistance that ARC Advisory Group has to offer.

ARC is the industry leading provider of market knowledge, trends, and supplier information for PLC/PAC systems worldwide. Our products and services integrate hands-on experience with global market research to deliver the intelligence you need.

In recent years, many PLCs have evolved into PACs, which integrate logic, motion, and safety control with cyber security, and even energy management functionality within a common platform.

Today, the majority of PLC revenues worldwide come from PLC-based PACs and these revenues are growing at a faster rate than for traditional PLCs. Thanks to the success of PLC-based PACs, PLC technology has further penetrated the process industries, where they now often replace large distributed control systems (DCS). This trend is stronger in emerging markets, as PLCs are easier to maintain and engineers are scarce.

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